9 Investigates: Orlando fire chief remains on job during sexual harassment investigation

ORLANDO, Fla. — Only Eyewitness News has learned that the city has received a sexual harassment complaint against Orlando fire Chief Rod Williams.

Sources told Channel 9's Shannon Butler that an investigator has contacted the woman about the complaint.

The assistant fire chief, whose name Eyewitness News is not releasing at this time, wrote in the complaint that Williams said, “You’re so beautiful, you are so sexy and I wish you weren’t married.” The woman also wrote in the complaint that, “There were many times I could feel he was aroused.”

A spokesperson for the city told Channel 9’s Shannon Butler that city law prevents anyone at City Hall from commenting about the allegations, but said that they do take all claims seriously and prompt action will be taken if warranted.

The sexual harassment claim was filed in December.

The 24-year-veteran who filed the complaint wrote “Fire Chief Williams repeatedly rubbed, hugged and pressed his body against mine." She went on to say, “There were many times I could feel he was aroused."

The complaint does not say when the sexual harassment started.

Eyewitness News has reported about the assistant fire chief before when she filed a complaint in May saying she was discriminated against and passed up for promotions.

The latest complaint said it was an amendment to the complaint from May.

The woman and her attorneys would not comment for this story.

Shannon Butler, WFTV.com

Shannon joined the Eyewitness News team in 2013.