Action 9 investigates problems with roof inspections

Video: A Longwood woman discovered "passing a city roof inspection" doesn't protect her from serious new roof leaks
Action 9’s Todd Ulrich investigated why city and county inspections don't cover what homeowners think and how homeowners can enforce roof warranties.
“This is where water comes in and pours on the floor,” Connie Byrd said as she pointed to water stains.
After installing a new $17,000 roof last year, she discovered a major leak. Water would pour into her living room.
We are actually putting down pots to catch the water,” Byrd said.
Now, it’s hurricane season. I fear my house is going to be flooded.  That there will be mold and mildew, Byrd said.
According to Byrd, the contractor that put on the new roof, Proguard Restoration, didn't find any problems with the roof and told her it passed a Longwood city inspection.
So, she called the city and heard its inspector didn’t do everything she thought he did.
He did not get on a ladder. He did not get on the roof, Byrd said.
Most homeowners may be surprised to hear what some city and county roof inspections consist of.
Are some of these just drive by-inspections?” Ulrich asked. 
“Absolutely,” said Doug Wallace, of WJA Consultants.
“They don't get out of the car?” Ulrich asked. 
“No,” Wallace replied.
Wallace is an independent roofing consultant. He said inspectors make sure there's a permit for the job and that the job has been completed but they don't verify that the job's been done right.
They will tell you that's not their job to find out if it's properly installed,” Wallace said.
That's why Byrd hired a roof inspection company. The inspector documented seven needed repairs of issues that could be causing water leaks now or in the future, including a flat roof section that can easily be lifted.
“It's telling me Proguard's work on my roof was very shoddy,” Byrd said.
Ulrich contacted Proguard about the inspection results.  Proguard managers said they had fixed her roof before but returned to her home this week to repair every failed item.
Proguard Restoration also blamed repairs made by the customer's handyman for roof problems.
If your contractor won't honor its new roof warranty, hiring an independent inspector to make your case can be a good investment.