‘An absolute nightmare’: Homeowner battling to get new roof fixed

CASSELBERRY, Fla. — A Casselberry homeowner claims her new roof floods, and says the contractor she hired hasn’t fixed the problem for months.

Six months after signing a new roof contract, Donna Dishman feels

trapped in a never-ending contractor dispute.

“It has been a nightmare. I can’t sleep. I cry all the time,” Dishman said.

She claims a section of her new flat roof turns into a swamp whenever it rains, and the water remains there for days.

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“I thought, ‘Oh my God, are you kidding me?’ And I immediately took a picture,” Dishman explained.

Dishman had hired Best Choice Roofing and Home Improvement. The company has an office in Altamonte Springs. She signed its $13,000 contract to replace her shingle and flat roof at her Casselberry home.

She claims there were big problems right from the start when a roofing contractor she

never heard of showed up to do the job.

Dishman signed with Best Choice Roofing and thought they would be doing the installation of the roof. Instead, Best Choice acted like a broker and hired a subcontractor to do all the work.

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Then when the new roof was flooding and had not passed a city inspection, Dishman says the companies blamed each other.

She says she would have never hired a roofing broker. “No, I would have gone straight to a roofing company.”

Best Choice Roofing and Home Improvement’s corporate office is in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The Better Business Bureau is reviewing the company’s complaint history.

Action 9′s Todd Ulrich went to the Best Choice office in Altamonte Springs.

“She’s very upset. She claims the company can’t give her any answers. That’s why we’re here,” Ulrich said.

“Ok, all right well I will get some answers,” the manager replied.

A week after Ulrich talked to Best Choice managers, Dishman said Best Choice sent another contractor to attempt to fix the problems, but her roof has not passed inspection yet.

“This has just been an absolute nightmare with this company,” Dishman said.

Action 9 suggests before signing a roofing contract, find out if that same contractor

will apply for your building permit and will take full responsibility for getting the job done.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich, WFTV.com

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