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‘It never arrived at our door’: Complaints about missing packages pile up for delivery company

ORLANDO, Fla. — Action 9 has a consumer alert about a top shipping service many online shoppers claim failed to deliver their packages.

Kelsey Wright was planning her first Europe getaway since COVID-19. She bought clothes online two months before her trip.

“Did you ever get those packages? Todd Ulrich asked.

“Nope. I never received either of the packages,” Wright replied.

“But the company said you did?” Ulrich asked.

“They did. Yes,” Wright confirmed.

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The items were supposed to be delivered by LaserShip, a nationwide last-mile shipping company with a local office.

Wright received text notifications from LaserShip stating that two packages were left at her front door. She claimed that the items were never delivered and her security cameras didn’t capture any deliveries.

According to Wright, she complained for two weeks before the company admitted she was right. “It took several phone calls and several email correspondences with them to finally say we don’t know where the package is.”

LaserShip has an A-plus rating at the Better Business Bureau, but if you look behind the numbers, there’s been a troubling trend.

Complaints skyrocketed in the past 12 months. There were nearly 1,400 complaints about delivery issues.

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Action 9 found at least eight complaints from local consumers in recent weeks.

One customer wrote he had multiple packages that had been “lost” by the company. Another complained that the package was nowhere to be found and he wishes he could give the company (Lasership)0 stars.

Action 9 first investigated LaserShip complaints a year ago.

“It never arrived at our door,” Chrissy Bermudez said.

She and her husband, Marc Bermudez, said the shipper failed to deliver a rare pair of Air Jordans. Eventually the retailer gave them a refund but they said a LaserShip manager never took them seriously.

“He kinda almost laughed, made a joke about it. ‘Well it might have grown legs and walked away,’” Marc Bermudez said.

Ulrich reached out to LaserShip by voicemail and email but didn’t get a response.

On its Facebook page, the company says it’s the largest regional parcel carrier in the

East Coast and allows consumers to receive products hours after ordering.

Wright disagrees.

“So yeah, it’s terrible,” she said.

Until a package arrives at your front door, the seller is responsible for what happens to your purchase.

Keep all your records and security camera pictures if possible so you can dispute a missing package.

Wright used her receipts to get full refunds from the retailer.

Todd Ulrich

Todd Ulrich,

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