• Criticism Surrounds Test Used In Cheating Scandal

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A student in Professor Richard Quinn's business class posted a new video on YouTube. The video is from the first week of class, when Professor Quinn told students he writes his own mid-term and final exams.

    "There's an opportunity that I may very well write a question that I couldn't even answer. I try not to do that, but it happens from time to time," said Professor Quinn.

    But it seems Professor Quinn never wrote the mid-term exam his students cheated on. It was written by the publisher of the textbook for his business class. One student found a copy on the internet, and passed it on to others.

    "I hate to say this, but because of the professor's laziness, it basically gave the students an opportunity to cheat," said David Tate, a UCF business student.

    But UCF spokesperson Grant Heston told WFTV "it's not uncommon for higher education professors to use these pre-made exams produced by the publisher."

    WFTV talked to students who said they know exactly how to find them.

    "You can buy the answer manuals to most publishing textbooks on like Half.com or Amazon.com and I've known friends who have bought the answer manuals," said UCF student Michael Atteo.

    Professor Quinn has been with UCF ten years. Eyewitness News asked if he would be punished for using a test that's so easily accessible online.

    "It's irrelevant. The focus shouldn't be on the professor, but on the students who used the test inappropriately," said Heston.

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