Back to school: Volusia County teachers, students prepare for return to classroom next week

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — The teachers’ union in Volusia County reported some teachers still don’t know what classes they’re teaching as students prepare to head back to the classroom next week.

The union also stated some teachers are still trying to figure out exactly how online instruction, through Volusia Live, will work.

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Over the weekend, the union reported teachers still don't have their rosters and the Volusia Live option still needs tweaking.

Volusia Live is the district's hybrid option where teachers will teach children in the classroom and to those online simultaneously.

The union stated there is still more to be done on safety procedures in schools.

The district has ordered plexiglass shields to be installed around desks.

Union officials said teachers still need clarification on the rules for how they are supposed to handle students.

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The teachers union is also concerned about another alarming trend, one that has played out across the country. More and more teachers are opting to leave or retire.

Last Friday, the district offered a number of things to the teachers union as part of their bargaining session.

They offered that all software and equipment needed to teach Volusia Live would be provided by the district.

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Personal protective equipment would also be purchased and replenished by the district as needed.

No deal was reached, and those negotiations continue this week.