Traffic experts steer drivers toward safety as school year begins

ORLANDO, Fla. — Drivers in Central Florida will soon spot something they haven’t seen in months — school buses!

Starting Wednesday, Aug. 10, they’ll be a lot more yellow during your daily commutes.

And traffic safety experts want to remind drivers that it’s time to pay serious attention to these buses as they move students to and from campus.

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Channel 9 traffic anchor Alexa Lorenzo spoke to a driving instructor who teaches several students daily.

Eddie Feliciano, of Road Ready Watchdog Driving School, said during the summer, he trains mostly teen drivers but also conducts courses with adults and senior citizens.

He said one of his biggest concerns with area motorists is speeding. He said many people simply need to slow down.

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“In the state of Florida, they’re always in a rush to go nowhere.”

With the start of school, Feliciano reminded drivers to get out the door early so they’re not in a race against the clock.

“I know what’s gonna happen. They’re just gonna speed and they’re gonna get into an accident.”

It’s something that Sgt. Gerald McDaniels of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s Motors Unit told WFTV he sees often:

“You can be running late for work. But that doesn’t mean you need to endanger everybody else.”

He also sees distracted drivers violating the rules of the road.

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“I see people blowing through the flashing light of a school zone — I see it plenty,” McDaniels said.

Other safety experts, like Lt. Tara Crescenzi of Florida Highway Patrol, remind drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and not on their phones.

“The text can wait, You don’t have to answer right away. You want to get to your destination safely.”