• Welcome to Kindergarten! WFTV parents share their Back-To-School stories

    By: Kevin Williams


    CENTRAL FLORIDA - Is there any feeling like seeing your kids head to school for the first time?

    All the anticipation, preparation and anxiety have led to this: Do they have all the supplies they need? Are they ready to spend all day with new kids and teachers? 

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    Some of us at WFTV know the feeling.

    WFTV parents Nancy Alvarez, Shannon Butler, Christopher Heath and Martha Sugalski are all sending their kids to Kindergarten this week and know a thing or two about the last-minute shopping and the wave goodbye on the first day.

    The preparation

    Every parent knows what it's like to go back-to-school shopping: Aisles and aisles of pencils, markers, notebooks, gadgets and clothing can be daunting.

    The shopping struggles, victories and then more struggles:




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    Nailing the **perfect** look

    "She already picked out her first day of school outfit," Shannon Butler said. "It's a uniform so it's not hard -- but which bow to wear in her hair has her stumped still!"

    "I, on the other hand, will wear sunglasses even if it's raining," Shannon said. 

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    The night before

    With such a big day ahead... how can your child possible sleep when the next day brings so much back-to-school excitement?

    "Bed time for the start is around 7:30 p.m. which is Mommy's bedtime anyway since I wake up at 3 a.m.," Nancy Alvarez said about her daughter's big day. "We have been 'counting sleeps' until Kindergarten. Every morning when she wakes up, she asks 'how many more sleeps?'"

    Shannon Butler's daughter has been asking "how many sleeps" as well."

    "The night-before routine will be: To pray that she actually goes to bed before 9 p.m.," Shannon said. "I won't sleep at all!"

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    The big day

    Game time: The first day of school is here. 

    "I am afraid she is nervous about going to a new place, where she only knows a few people," Shannon said. "I want her to have the best day ever and what if some girl is mean to her?"

    For Nancy Alvarez, she'll be rushing out of the WFTV studios as soon as Eyewitness News This Morning signs off to walk her daughter to class.

    "I will race out of that newsroom so fast you'll think it's on fire!" she said. "How can you describe watching your heart walk away from you? There are no words."

    Nancy had a few words for Kindergarten when she watched her son start school two years ago. The Facebook post went viral -- and it's a feeling many parents can relate to:

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    Read Nancy's new message to Kindergarten as her daughter heads to Kindergarten:

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