• Elegance epitomized at ONE80 Grey Goose® Lounge

    By: Betty Barfly


    If you are looking for an elegant night in downtown Orlando, ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge is the place to be.  It’s a one-of-a-kind lounge located atop the Amway Center.  It’s the first lounge in the US to be located in a sports arena/stadium; yet have its own hours of operation.  ONE80 GREY GOOSE Lounge is open on event nights, but also has its own schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, as well as both Friday and Saturday nights.

    ONE80 GREY GOOSE opened its doors in January 2011, a few months after the Amway Center opened its doors in busy downtown Orlando.  The owners were inspired by famous rooftop bars in bigger cities, like Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles.  The lounge is partnered with the city of Orlando and the basketball team, Orlando Magic.  Many may ask, what does the 180 stand for in the name ONE80 GREY GOOSE Lounge?  It was decided when considering the environment in the lounge provides guests with a complete 180 from the environment in the sports arena below.

    GREY GOOSE® Vodka Company is the main sponsor and the sleek design of the GREY GOOSE® bottles overflows into the atmosphere of the lounge.  The ambiance is clean, sleek, and very fashionable – it’s a premium venue for a premium crowd.  Fellas, be warned, there is a dress code – no shorts or sandals.  Ladies, the only no-no for you is flip-flops.  While you’re enjoying a glass of wine or sipping a favorite martini at ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge, you get a breathtaking view of downtown Orlando.

    Speaking of enjoying a glass of spirits, you have many choices of some top-notch specialty drinks at ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge.  An example is the refreshingly and light Rock Candy Lemonade – made with, of course, GREY GOOSE® Vodka, mixed with Italian Limoncelle, ONE80’s rock candy syrup and lemon-lime soda.  Oh, and you’ll only find rock candy syrup at ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge.  Other signature drinks include the Cloud 9, a premium margarita with Gran Patron Platinum tequila and Grand Marnier 150 year old liqueur; the ONE80 Side Car, one of the priciest drinks on the menu, clocking it at more than $100, is made up of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII and Grand Marnier 150-year old liqueur with splash of lime juice.  You can also choose a delicious martini from the well-rounded list of signature martini list.

    As you would expect a bar sponsored by a top-shelf liquor, ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge has a great VIP Bottle service.  Of course, the only Vodka for Bottle service is GREY GOOSE®; other liquors include top shelf brand Rum, Gin, Tequila, Whiskey/Bourbon, Scotch, Cognac, Champagne, and wine by-the-bottle.

    Event nights, Friday night, and Saturday night are the busiest nights at ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge; but Monday night is Service Industry Night and Wednesday night is Ladies Night.  If you want a night out in downtown Orlando and want to be a part of the upper echelon, then check out ONE80 GREY GOOSE® Lounge.