• Fatal car-surfing crash video released, teen sentenced


    DELAND, Fla.,None - Dramatic video was released Friday that showed the final, fatal moments for two teenagers who died when the car they were riding on top of crashed.  The video was released during the sentencing hearing for the driver who was at the wheel when their SUV crashed.

    A judge sentenced 18-year-old Joshua Ritter to one year of house arrest and five years of probation, a sentence that most people in the courtroom, and even prosecutors, agreed with.

    However, one victim’s family says the sentence is outrageous.

    "If I die, remember this is Carlos' idea," the voice of a young man is heard saying on the video recording.



    WATCH: Raw video of car surfing accident (graphic)


    For the first time, cell phone video of the car-surfing incidents from the day before and the day of the crash that led to the deaths of two teens was made public.

    "This is insane!" another voice on the video said.

    It was shown in a Volusia County court late Friday afternoon for the plea and sentencing of Ritter.

    Ritter pleaded no contest to reckless driving and vehicular homicide.  His friends, Carlos Velazco and Hunter Perez, died when Ritter's SUV rolled over and burst into flames last February.

    "There was nobody there to help him," said Robin Parker, mother of Hunter Perez.

    Perez's mother been outspoken, claiming Ritter has received preferential treatment since his father is a state trooper.

    She wanted Ritter to get jail time, but Velazco's family called Ritter a good kid and did not want him to go to prison.

    Ritter broke down on the stand.

    "I can't start to explain how sorry I am for everything that happened," said Ritter, who faced 35 years in prison.

    The State Attorney's Office even waived the minimum mandatory sentence.  When the judge handed down one year of home confinement and five years of probation, Parker stormed out.

    However, the most emotional moment happened minutes earlier, when the court watched video of the final moments of two boys’ lives.

    "Whoa, stop!” screamed one of the boys as video of the crash cut out.

    On top of the home confinement and probation, Ritter loses his driver's license for five years.  He also has to serve 120 hours of community service, which incudes speaking to other children about his crime.

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