After heated debate, Florida House passes elections bill, sends it back to Senate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — On a 77-40 party line vote the Florida House passed a sweeping overhaul of Florida’s elections, sending the issue back to the Florida Senate.

Five states have already implemented election changes since November. Florida is poised to become the 6th.

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As written, the bill would implement 150-foot “no solicitation zones” at polling locations. The bill would also limit how many ballots a person could carry to three (theirs plus two more), and stipulate that only an “immediate family member” could turn in the ballots.  Voters would also have to show an ID when dropping off a ballot.

“I have great confidence in what we’re doing in the bill, which is maintaining the 45 days of elections, maintaining in-person voting, maintains early voting,” said Speaker of the Florida House Chris Sprowls. “I like the fact that we have early voting, and absentee voting and in person voting, and I like the fact that we have drop boxes, the hose bill maintains drop boxes throughout.”

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The House bill, while similar to the Senate version is not identical, leaving the issue in the hands of the Senate, which passed its version of the bill on Monday.