Florida’s Turnpike turns to collections for $150M in outstanding bills

Video: Florida?s Turnpike turns to collections for $150M in outstanding bills

Drivers who have outstanding toll bills with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise will need to start paying up before their bills go to collections.

The agency has more than $150 million in outstanding toll bills dating back to summer 2018, and it’s now reinstating its policy, within the next 30 to 60 days, sending unpaid bills to a collections agency.

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In summer 2018, the agency suspended the policy that sent outstanding toll bills to collections following a system upgrade issue that created months of backlog tolls for drivers.

The agency told Channel 9 that not all $150 million in uncollected tolls are connected to system issues from summer 2018 -- that it’s a mix of drivers connected to system issues and drivers who haven’t been paying their bills since the agency suspended its policy of sending bills to collections.

In January, Nicola Liquori, the Turnpike’s CEO and executive director, released a video warning drivers of the change in policy if they have received two notices in the mail. See the video below.

“If your account is sent to a collections agency, you will no longer qualify for a reduced rate for the outstanding balance. Remember, toll roads are not free,” Liquori said in the video.

Click here to check if there is an outstanding bill associated with a particular license plate or SunPass account.

Discounts of up to 25% may apply for drivers who have SunPass accounts.