• Hidden Mickey Guy on the hunt at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    By: Steve Barrett/HiddenMickeyGuy.com


    At Disney's Hollywood Studios, stroll along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards and soak up the atmosphere of a Hollywood movie set of the past.  In fact, you may spot some "Streetmosphere" performers: starlet wannabes, gossip columnists and a host of other entertainment-related characters who interact with each other and passersby in short, impromptu scenes.

    As you wander the "Hollywood that never was and always will be" (to quote Michael Eisner at the opening of the Studios in May of 1989), don't forget to look around for Hidden Mickeys!

    > IMAGE GALLERY: Hidden Mickey's at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    On both sides of Sunset Boulevard near its intersection with Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll find small impressions in the cement sidewalks, near the curb. They read, “Mortimer & Co, 1928, Contractors.” Mortimer Mouse was Mickey Mouse’s first (and soon discarded) name; 1928 was the year he was “born.”

    Outside and above the Keystone Clothiers shop on Hollywood Boulevard, a Kodak billboard shows a girl bending forward, partially covering Mickey Mouse’s handprints impressed in cement.

    A classic (three-circle) Mickey is in the clouds on the mural on the outside wall above the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, at the far upper right of the mural.

    In the front courtyard of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, check the outside wall mural to your left for: a boy wearing Mickey ears, black classic Mickeys on the singer’s shirt, and a gold “bling” Mickey on the necklace of the man in the black suit.

    At The Great Movie Ride, Harry Anderson’s celebrity impression is at the front left of the Chinese Theater (as you face the entrance). Look for a classic Mickey on Harry’s tie.

    Four squares to the right of Harry Anderson’s impression in front of The Great Movie Ride, Carol Burnett’s square has classic Mickey ears at the upper right side.

    Before you leave the Studios, visit the Muppets at the entrance to their 3D show for an interesting and usually overlooked detail.  To the right just inside the entrance, look for the key under the mat! My foot is holding back the mat to expose the key.

    If you stay alert, you'll find imaginative detail wherever you happen to be on Disney property!

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