• Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    By: Steve Barrett/HiddenMickeyGuy.com


    I made a trek to Disney's Animal Kingdom park to check on a few great Hidden Mickeys that I'll bring to you in this segment.

    At the rear of Africa, I hopped a train to Conservation Station at Rafiki's Planet Watch (a train ride is the only way to access this isolated land).  It's worth the trip, because this place is a treasure trove for Hidden Mickeys; you can spot 40 of them here!

    » IMAGE GALLERY: Hidden Mickeys at Conservation Station

    Like this side-profile Hidden Mickey in the eye of an opossum on the right side of the wall mural just inside the entrance to Conservation Station.

    The entrance murals curve toward the inside of the building. On the right curving mural, search for the butterfly with an image of the frontal view of Mickey’s face on its body (not on its wings!).

    Near the bottom of the right mural, just before Rafiki's theater, a side-profile Mickey is in a silver frog’s left pupil.

    Walk inside the "Song of the Rainforest" area to admire a side-profile Mickey shadow about seven feet up from the floor on the front of a tree.

    Examine the tree with "The Song of the Rainforest" sign (the Grandmother Willow tree).  A side-profile Mickey indentation appears on the tree under the sign and to the lower right (as you face her) of Grandmother Willow's face.

    In front of the "Song of the Rainforest" area, on a tree to the right of the Grandmother Willow tree, a lizard above the “Giant Cockroach” sign has a classic Mickey above its front leg.  Several other smaller spots on the lizard resemble Mickey.

    A classic Mickey (or two) on a “Microtiter Plate” is usually in the first display room to the right in the rear of the lobby.  Look into the second window of the “Wildlife Tracking Center.”

    At the rear of the lobby, a classic Mickey made of three containers with reptile skins is on a ledge in the far left window of a room with reptiles.

    Make a bathroom stop on your way out of Conservation Station and learn some animal trivia while you're at it!

    Enjoy the Hunt!

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