Jurors hear chilling 911 call as victim is fatally shot

TITUSVILLE, Fla.,None — Patrick Wharen Sr. is accused of killing his estranged wife, Kelly, and the 19-year-old with whom she had moved in with.  The defense claims Wharen snapped in April 2008 when he gunned them down.

Wharen Sr. is on trial for the murders of his wife and Jonathon Vuick, who Kelly had moved in with.

In court Monday, jurors heard the 911 call and also saw pictures of the victims inside the mobile home where their bodies were found.

While some in the courtroom would not look at the photos, Wharen did not shift his eyes and looked right at the pictures without flinching.

The following is an excerpt from the 911 call played in the courtroom.

"I've been shot. Help me," P.J. Wharen Jr. told the 911 operator.

"What happened?" the operator replied.

“I've been shot, just help me.  Come here and help me," said Wharen.

The first call jurors heard came from Patrick Wharen's son, 16-year-old P.J., who was shot in a struggle trying to stop his father.

Vuick called 911, too, as he stood behind the front door.

"Who is shooting?" asked the operator.

"Uh, Patrick Wharen,” said Vuick.

"Acorn Drive in Titusville?" asked the operator.

"Yes," said Vuick.

"OK, where at?  Where at on Acorn Drive?" asked the operator.

"He's trying to break into my house!  He's going to break into my house!" said Vuick.

Then a series of gunshots are heard.

"Where at?" asked the operator, again.

"Three…” answered Vuick, as the call began to break up.

"Ma'am, you’re breaking up," said the operator as the call was disconnected.

Jurors then got to see seven bullet holes in the door.  Vuick was hit multiple times.

The jury also got to see peculiar pictures of rooms filled with baby supplies.  Vuick supposedly moved into the Wharen's second trailer because he was supposed to be engaged to Kelly Wharen's daughter, Missy, a mystery daughter given up for adoption 20 years earlier and just reunited with her mother as the daughter was about to have twins.

Attorneys for Wharen Sr. said it was all a fabrication to hide the affair that led Wharen to snap.

The mystery daughter was mentioned in obituaries, but never showed up at any funerals.  She did have a Facebook page with pictures on it and agents tried to figure out who she might be after the killings, but they came up empty-handed.