• 'I'm not a pervert': Former Orange County teacher denies touching students in interrogation video

    By: Cierra Putman


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - New interrogation video shows a former Orange County elementary school teacher adamantly denying that he inappropriately touched a young student. 

    A fifth-grade student at Castle Creek Elementary told her friends that Julio Soto was her "favorite" teacher because he allegedly tickled her and touched her chest. 

    New interrogation video shows Soto talking to Orange County detectives for more than an hour. 

    "I'm not a pervert," Soto told the detectives. "If I wanted to cop a feel or whatever, why would I want to do it to a student?"

    Detectives later asked Soto why the girl started having trouble in school shortly after she said Soto touched her. Soto had no answers as to why her grades were plummeting. 

    Investigators said video shows Soto bringing the girl into his class. He admitted that they were alone in his room for about 15 minutes. 

    Investigators told Soto several children said he was their favorite teacher and that he often talked about finding their tickle spot.

    Soto denied ever tickling his students. 

    He was also accused of tickling a child about two years ago. 

    Soto is asking a judge to allow him to go to South Korea so he can continue to serve in the military. 

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