2 teenagers shoot at Ocala officer in unmarked car early Wednesday, police say

A 15 and 17-year-old are accused of shooting at an Ocala police officer outside an apartment complex Wednesday morning.
Lt. Sandra Duryea was not injured in the shooting.

OCALA, Fla. — Resident Britanis Colon said he heard the shots ring out.

"I was sleeping and I heard some bang, bang, bang," Colon said.

Police said she was doing a security check at the Parkside Garden Apartment complex about 5:30 a.m. in an unmarked police vehicle when she noticed a car that appeared to be following her.
Police said the driver stopped north of the apartment office as Duryea got closer to the vehicle and someone got out of the car and fired a gun in her direction.
It wasn't until later that Colon realized what he had heard.

"That caught me by surprise, you know, especially shooting at a cop," he said. "That's crazy."

The Parkside Garden Apartment complex is no stranger to crime.

Police say they have received about 1,400 calls to the complex since April.

“Any time someone is willing to openly target a police officer, that’s very concerning for any agency,” said Capt. Steven Cuppy of the Ocala Police Department.
Duryea was able to quickly back away from the area while keeping an eye on where the car was going, police said. 
Police said at no point did Duryea exit her SUV, activate her emergency lights or identify herself as an officer.
When she approached the vehicle again, it was empty, but she saw firearms in the car, police said.
One of the suspects then approached the vehicle and said it was his car.
“Shortly thereafter, one of the individuals that was inside the car approached us and he said, ‘Look that’s my vehicle. I had nothing to do with the shooting,’” said Cuppy.
Investigators eventually arrested two adults, DeAngelo Williams, 21, and Teddy Williams, 19, and the two teenagers, who were not identified. 
Police said the suspects had no idea they were shooting at an officer.
Police said they live at nearby 1912 NW 7th Street, where officers responded to a drive-by shooting an hour before Duryea was shot at.

Colon has lived at the Parkside Apartment Complex with his wife and five children for about a year, and is planning to move as soon as possible.

"That's why I want to take my kids out of here," he said. "Yeah, not be raised in this environment."