• 9 Investigates Orlando PD building sold to Orlando Magic


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A land agreement between the Orlando Magic basketball team and the city in downtown Orlando could cost taxpayers big money.

    Paperwork shows city leaders agreed to pay for a major road project without knowing how much it will cost.

    Timothy Adebule has enjoyed brisk business across the street from the Amway Center for two decades.

    That is coming to an end.

    "I hope to continue what we are doing," Adebule said.

    The city of Orlando is preparing to sell his shop, the parking garage it's housed in, and the police department building to the Magic for $12.7 million, then rent back the police station at a cost of $100,000 a year all while losing the revenue from the shops and garage to the tune of $300,000.

    "I sometimes wonder who is negotiating for the citizens," said County watchdog Doug Head.

    Head said the deal puts too many burdens on the city such as continuing Pine Street, which currently ends at the police department.

    It's a cost never calculated into the contract, but one the city will have to pay, whatever it is.

    To complete, Pine Street is going to be about 12,000-square feet of concrete, essentially 24,000 60-pound bags.

    At $3 a pop that's roughly $75,000. The price doesn't include rebar, sidewalks, labor or all the other things needed to make a street.

    "If the Magic is going to benefit here, then the city should benefit and profit here," Head said.

    Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says the city will benefit by about $1 million a year in added tax revenue by flipping the land from public to private.

    "I am extremely confident that this is a great deal for taxpayers," Dyer said.

    The police department has not set a timeline for when it will move out.

    The City Council will vote on the land sale Monday.

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    9 Investigates Orlando PD building sold to Orlando Magic