911 call, crime scene video released on Volusia County teen accused of killing mother

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — A newly released 911 call and crime scene video is giving more insight into the case of a Volusia County teenage boy accused of murdering his mother and calling his friends to help cover it up.

Gregory Ramos, 15, reported his mom missing and appears to be distraught when talking with law enforcement.

In the call and video, his voice is shaky as he volunteered information to deputies, but investigators believe it was all an act.


"Um, I just got home. And my house is completely trashed. It looks like someone broke in the side door," Ramos is heard saying in the call to 911.

He tells the dispatcher his mother's car was running in the driveway, but she's nowhere to be found.

"There's no blood or anything but her bed is all out of whack and there's (expletive) everywhere, and, oh my God," Ramos said.

Volusia County deputies rushed to Ramos' Debary home. Inside, it appeared almost every single room had been ransacked and several electronics were missing.

"There's broken glass here. Why is all this (expletive) broken, dude?" a deputy is heard asking in body camera video.

Outside the home, Ramos said he just heard from his dad, who was away on a business trip.

"The work, my mom's work called him twice," Ramos tells deputies in the video. "I don't think she went to work today."

Ramos was arrested less than 24 hours later.

Investigators said he strangled his mother, Gail Cleavanger, to death after the two got into an argument over grades.

They believe he then called two of his friends, who allegedly helped Ramos stage a break-in.

Deputies found her body buried in a fire pit behind a nearby church.

"[Ramos was] Very proud of what he did," said Sgt. A.J. Pagliari, with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. "He wanted me to go to the crime scene, and to the house, and admire his work."

Prosecutors decided to try Ramos as an adult. That trial was recently pushed back a month to October.

Investigators believe his two friends helped him cover up the crime and both will also be tried as adults on accessory charges.

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