Action 9: Homeowners blame defective shingles for major problems

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — A Merritt Island man blames defective shingles for leaks in his new roof and says the company won't honor its warranty.

He's one of several owners who contacted Action 9 about bad shingles from the same manufacturer.

The tarp's been on Steve Menichino's home since right after he got a second new roof in 2011. He claims the Owens Corning shingles were defective both times.

“As soon as the first rain hit, the problems started," Menichino said.

Menichino said Owens Corning replaced the first bad shingle, but he said it then used the same Duration shingle, even the same lot number, to reroof a second time.

Experts told Menichino the newest shingles have blistered and failed. But Menichino said Owens Corning refused to replace them.

“It's been a nightmare. It's going on five years now," he said.

Four other homeowners contacted Action 9, claiming their Owens Corning shingles were defective, and they weren't protected from big losses.

“It's leaked all over,” said Jerry Lea.

Lea said Owens Corning admitted the shingles were bad when big leaks hit eight years after installation.

Lea then discovered it only supplied new shingles, and he had to pay thousands for labor.

“Warranties are only as good as the company behind them,” said Lea.

The homeowners thought the shingle warranty would cover defects. They had no idea how limited that coverage really is.

Doug Wallace runs a roofing inspection company and has to tell homeowners that the warranty fine print doesn't pay labor, which is usually two-thirds of a new roof cost.

“They think, 'Well, I've got a warranty,' but that's when they find out the warranty doesn't cover much, even with a defect,” said Wallace.

Ulrich contacted Owens Corning, and it denied it had any shingle manufacturing problems and would review claims sent to the company.

“I paid to have the roof protect the home,” said Menichino.

Owens Corning said it honored all legitimate claims, and most manufacturers will not pay labor charges for defects after the first year.

If you suspect problems, insist on an inspection the first year.