Airports and airlines working to make people feel safe as travel picks back up

Airports and Airlines working to make people feel safe as travel picks back up

ORLANDO, Fla. — As more and more people start to fly again, airports and airlines are working to make people feel safe.

Delta Air Lines is one airline that has changed its passenger safety and clearing process during this pandemic.

“COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we look at things,” said Michael Kroll, general manager of Delta Air Lines at OIA.

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Things like leaving middle seats on all flights open, using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect between flights and HEPA filtration systems are all intended to make passengers and employees feel safe.

“The changes have been drastic. Delta has placed a lot of protection levels throughout the whole traveling experience,” said Delta flight attendant Carlos Delahoz Orozco.

At Orlando International the changes are noticeable too.

Social distancing, masks, sanitizing stations and plexiglass barriers at ticket counters all reflect an effort to keep passengers as safe as possible.