• Bithlo man accused of setting neighbor's porch on fire


    BITHLO, Fla. - An Orange County man was arrested on charges of setting fire to his neighbor's porch, investigators said Wednesday.

    The fire happened in a mobile home park on Carpenter Road in Bithlo.

    Officials told WFTV that Robert William Zinn, 19, may have set the fire in an act of revenge.

    "This is horrible. This is horrific, what he did, and anyone who doesn't think so, is crazy," said victim Jami Dugan.

    Dugan's holiday season was ruined when she came home and found her back porch had been set on fire and the windows had been shattered.

    "We could be standing in a pile of ashes. Our home could be gone," she said. 

    Dugan said fortunately the fire only damaged the porch and her husband's tackle box and a chair.

    She said once she found out how the fire happened, Dugan was furious.

    "My neighbor, Rob, set my back porch on fire," said Dugan. "It's scary. It's truly scary."

    Police arrested Zinn and charged him with arson.

    Dugan explained why she believed her family was targeted.

    "He thought I had set a lawn mower on fire, which I did not.  I actually watched the three boys set the lawn mower on fire," said Dugan.

    Other neighbors said the community used to be peaceful before the incidents began.

    "It's just a feud between them two," said a neighbor, who did not want to be identified. "I think it's real crazy."

    As for Dugan, she said she wants Zinn to pay for what he's done.

    "I'm going to pursue this, as far as I have to, for as long as I have to, to make sure he gets the punishment or at least gets the help that he needs," she said. "I love my neighborhood. I love my property and I love my home. I do not want to leave, I want him gone."

    A judge set a $5,100 bail for Zinn, during his court appearance Tuesday.

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    Bithlo man accused of setting neighbor's porch on fire