Bobcat kittens prepare for life back in the wild

Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary (FWH) rescued two sibling bobcat kittens on June 1 after they were found struggling in a backyard pond.
One of the kittens, a male, did not survive.
The female was doing well, but FWH said lone bobcat kittens do not usually thrive in captivity, so it was important to get the kitten a friend.
FWH said it found a candidate at Back to Nature in Kissimmee. The female was very tame so it was important to house her with a wild bobcat so “she could learn how to be wild herself,” FWC said. 

PALM COAST, Fla. — After the two were together for a month, FWH said “it was decided that the second bobcat was not becoming wilder and would not be releasable.”

The female kitten was sent to a facility with other display bobcats, where she became friends with another female kitten and exhibited wild behavior, FWH said.
The pair will be released in November, FWH said.
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