‘A possibility of extinction’: Manatees dying at unprecedented rate in Florida

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — For months, hundreds of manatees have been dying at an unprecedented rate across Florida’s waterways.

Florida Fish and Wildlife said it’s investigating, but needs more help. That’s why a local lawmaker is now urging a federal investigation and funding.

At the lagoon house of the Marine Resources Council in Palm Bay, executive director Dr. Leesa Souto and staff work to protect water quality in the Indian River lagoon.

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She has seen a combination of cold stress from winter and diminishing seagrass causing manatees to die at an average of 20 a week in Brevard County.

“Not a blade of seagrass to be found,” Souto said. “That’s their primary food source, so they’re starving.”

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Since Jan. 1, 432 manatees have died along Florida’s waterways, including 180 in Brevard County.

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That’s already more than what died in the county all of last year, and 70% of the 637 overall in 2020.

That’s why Florida Fish and Wildlife wants the die-off of protected animals to have a special designation, known as an unusual mortality event.

Doing so opens a federal investigation and provides needed funding.

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Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy has taken that request to the federal Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Marine Resources Council is pushing the state to improve lagoon waters, which will save the manatees’ critical food source – and hopefully before Souto’s worst fears come true.

“We’re looking at a possibility of extinction in the lagoon by the end of 2021,” she said.

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