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School bus driver accused of giving student book he wrote about child rape

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Brevard County school bus driver is accused of giving a high school student a copy of a book he wrote about child rape, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies arrested Jimmy Tate on Wednesday after he allegedly gave a ninth grade student at Viera High School a book called “Daddy’s Little Girl,” which contained sexual content.

According to an arrest affidavit, the book contained graphic details about at least two separate events involving rape, including details about a 3-year-old girl being raped.

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The student told investigators that Tate gave her the book on June 2 when she was getting onto the school bus. Tate asked the student to read some of the book but she said she was not able to finish the book due to it detailing very graphic sexual encounters.

The student said the book made her feel “uncomfortable and unsafe,” according to a report.

The next day, which was the last day of school, Tate asked the student how she liked the book. The student told Tate that the book was very detailed and he laughed, the report said.

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On June 4, the book was taken to Viera High School and the incident was reported.

The incident was also captured on the school bus’s cameras.

On June 24, Tate was interviewed by investigators.

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Tate told investigators that he wrote and self-published the book. He said the book was fictional. He explained that the book started out as a true story based on his ex-wife, whose nickname is “Tiny.”

He said the book was supposed to be based on his ex-wife’s childhood but because he didn’t know much about her childhood, he fabricated the story.

During the interview, Tate said that he did give the student one of the books. He said he thought it was a good idea because the student liked to read novels.

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Tate said he believed the student was a senior at the school and thought his book was age-appropriate.

Tate said he received a letter from the school about a complaint. He said he knew that complaint was about him giving the student the book and he knew he would probably be fired from his job. He believed the book was appropriate for people 16 and older.

Tate is facing charges of distributing obscene material to a student.

Russ Bruhn with Brevard County Publis Schools said, “What kind of angers me is regardless of whether the charges are true or not that is now a reflection of our school bus drivers. They are a family and they are vital. And they care as much as anyone else does here and that’s being tarnished by this and it’s not right. it’s not fair to them.”

According to the district, Tate was hired in 2019 and remains on leave while an internal investigation is being done.

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