• Bus driver charged after driving under influence with passengers on board


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County man accused of driving a Greyhound Bus on Interstate 95 while under the influence is now also facing child neglect charges.

    Investigators said Richard Campbell had an 8-month-old and an 11-year-old on the bus when it was pulled over last weekend.

    Passengers said Campbell was driving with his elbows and speeding, putting everyone on board in danger.

    “We are going 70 and he is swerving,” said one passenger to a 911 dispatcher.

    Campbell’s arrest report describes how Campbell tried to drive the bus with his elbows and tried to stand while wearing his seat belt.

    Witnesses said told troopers he would brake erratically and take curves and ramps at speeds that made passengers believe they would crash.

    “He keeps putting his head on the steering wheel and bringing it back up and jumping in his chair,” said one 911 caller.

    Passengers also told 911 dispatchers Campbell seemed disoriented.

    Campbell told concerned passengers he took an Advil, and then later told troopers he drank two Five Hour Energy drinks in a four-hour period.

    He also said he takes several medications as prescribed.

    Troopers said Campbell was having a medical issue as a result of drugs.

    He appeared in court Wednesday on charges driving under the influence and child neglect.

    A Greyhound spokesperson said the company is conducting an internal investigation.

    The company issued a statement saying that the safety is a corner stone of their business and they have zero tolerance for employees using or possessing any substances.

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    Bus driver charged after driving under influence with passengers on board

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