Central Florida Spotlight: Lake Nona introduces new autonomous vehicle

LAKE NONA, Fla. — Lake Nona has introduced a new autonomous vehicle, called Beep, and Channel 9's Greg Warmoth got to take a ride on it.

On this week's episode of "Central Florida Spotlight," Warmoth takes the show on location to Lake Nona to learn more about Beep.

"One thing we like about this vehicle, it doesn't have a front or back; it goes in both directions," a spokesperson said.

The vehicle can travel up to 10 mph and requires riders to wear a seat belt.

The ride is free and riders can take a 2-mile ride.

So far, Beep has completed 5,000 rides in five months.

Locals aren't the only ones to notice the new vehicle. Other communities have come to see what's happening there.

Even the federal government has been impressed, giving $20 million to continue on-location learning in what will be the transportation of the future.

"When we started internet, it was slow. No one wants to go back. So, pretty soon, we can take off the training wheels and move at a little faster speed," a spokesperson said. "Hopefully our folks will be patient with that. They are in an innovative community."

If you take a ride on Beep, you will not be alone. There is a monitor who travels, managing a handheld control device, which also happens to be a video game controller.

So far, there have been no incidents. If there are, officials said Beep doesn't lie.

Autonomous vehicles have complete data readouts, and the Florida Highway Patrol has worked with the vehicles' makers on data recording.

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