Community center in Orlando offers independent living for persons with disabilities

ORLANDO, Fla. — A new community center has been built in Orlando to meet a growing demand for adults with developmental disabilities.

Quest Village is a 5-acre, $12 million village set between two houses of worship along Woodbury Road.

Quest village allows adults with developmental disabilities to live mostly on their own with some safeguards and support services ranging from housekeeping to assistance with meals or heading out to run errands.

"Our hope is that they'll acquire the skills so they don't need our help anymore," President and CEO of Quest John Gill said to Channel 9's Nancy Alvarez. "Every individual will be reassessed every quarter, so if they developed the skills, they may not need the support anymore."

Communities like Quest Village are needed now more than ever.

Nationwide, more than 50,000 children with autism are reaching adulthood each year, and they are living decades longer than they used to. They are the first generation expected to outlive their parents.

“When you live on your own, you get to be your own boss, make your own decisions, make your own rules,” resident Brandon Cortez said.

A Quest social worker will be on the property at all times to supervise.

Rent is on a sliding scale starting at $379 a month, and there is a fee for services.

Nancy Alvarez

Nancy Alvarez, WFTV.com

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