Cox Media Group awarded for ‘Gets Real’ campaign’s impact on communities

As part of Channel 9′s “Gets Real” initiative, we have brought you stories that tackle the tough issues and give a voice to the often-marginalized people in our community.

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Because of this work, Channel 9′s parent company, Cox Media Group has received a prestigious Service To Community award for that campaign and how it’s impacted local communities.


“Cox Media’s ‘Gets Real’ initiative is just one more proof point of our company’s and industry’s commitment to engaging in balanced but candid and real discourse,” said Dan York, president and CEO of Cox Media Group. “We strive for the greater unity this discourse can achieve.”

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The award was given by the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation on Tuesday.

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You can find out more about this initiative and watch the stories we’ve done in the Central Florida Gets Real section of wftv.com.

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