• Dash cam video shows investigator begging cop to let him off DUI charges


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Recently released dash cam video obtained by WFTV shows an Orange County Jail internal affairs investigator trying to talk a deputy out of arresting him on drunken driving charges.

    Juan Santiago has worked at the Orange County Jail for 10 years.

    Santiago was arrested while off duty on drunken driving charges last month after deputies said they spotted him running a stop sign and a red-light, and then speeding 22 mph over the posted speed limit.

    Officials at the jail will now likely be looking at the dash cam video to make sure the sergeant didn't break any county rules when he tried to convince a deputy to give him a break.

    The just released dash cam video shows Santiago first stumbling his way through field sobriety tests, then telling the deputies about his elite role in internal affairs and begging them to pretend they never caught him.

    "This will never happen again. Please help me," Santiago said to the officer as he was handcuffed in the back of a cruiser.

    For nearly 30 minutes, Santiago slurs his speech as he begs and pleads with Osceola County deputies to let him go.

    "Dude, nobody [will] [expletive] hear about it. Dude. Dude," he said in the video.

    "Dude, I am internal affairs," said Santiago. "I am like the second in command."

    "A cop to a cop, please help me."

    And when Santiago realized he was about to get locked up, he started slamming Osceola County Jail Chief Sherry Johnson.

    "I used to work with that [expletive]. She was our major. She hated my guts. This is like her [expletive] payday."

    And even after he realized cameras were recording everything, he didn't give up.

    "I really deserve a break," he said.

    Santiago has kept his job, pending the outcome of a separate internal investigation.

    That internal investigation will be led by an outside captain and likely won't be done for another two months.

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    Dash cam video shows investigator begging cop to let him off DUI charges