Deputies: 3 Merritt Island children neglected for years

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — Investigators said three Brevard County children were neglected for years.

The Merritt Island children weren’t sent to school, to a doctor, and weren’t potty trained.

Two suspects are facing child neglect charges in the case.

According to arrest documents, Barbara Banta-Kreyling, 46, admitted to deputies the three children were not potty trained and that she was using an online curriculum to teach them.

But state investigators said the children were way behind in their learning abilities and couldn’t provide general hygiene care for themselves.

Channel 9 asked Banta-Kreyling about the allegations outside the jail as she wanted for her husband’s release.

“We were only arrested. We haven’t even been convicted yet,” said Banta-Kreyling.

She and her husband, Frank Kreyling, were charged with child neglect.

Kreyling is also facing a charge of sex battery on a child.

“We (will) take care of it and get it resolved privately, and not have the whole world know,” said Banta-Kreyling. “It really wasn’t that severe and they haven’t proved anything yet.”

The investigation began with a report to the Department of Children and Families abuse hotline.

It claimed the three children were not potty trained, were unable to identify colors, letters or numbers.

The children’s ages are redacted from court documents, but the report indicated the children were extremely behind in their learning abilities.

Kreyling would not comment on the allegations, but according to deputies, none of the children in the couple’s care had seen a doctor since about 2010.

The children are in foster care.

According to court documents, DCF had previous contact with the family in 2010 on similar allegations but the case was closed September of that year with no concerns.