Deputies: Boy, 13, accidentally shot, killed by cousin on hoverboard

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 13-year-old boy who was accidentally shot with a gun that should have never have been in the home, has died.

The shooting happened over the weekend at a house on Spottswood Drive in Orlando.

The victim, Lavardo Fisher, was visiting family at the home.

Investigators said Fisher’s cousin lost his balance on a hoverboard while holding the gun.

Fisher was shot in the head and later died at the hospital.

Sheriff’s Office reports detail the moments leading up to the single shot, including Fisher and his cousins playing video games in a room in the house.

Fisher’s 19-year-old cousin told police he found a gun and was holding it while balancing on a hover board, but he lost his balance and the gun went off, firing a bullet into his cousin’s head.

No one has been charged in the shooting, but the investigation is ongoing.

Deputies said three older mentally challenged women were in a different room of the home when the gun went off.

The women told investigators that after hearing the gunshot, two of the cousins ran out of the room while another cousin said, “What’s the plan?,” to the cousin who fired the shot.

The cousins told deputies a man named Skeet brought the gun and fired an accidental shot.

Deputies called in K-9s to search for Skeet, but when they could not find him, the boys’ cousins admitted to deputies they made up the story.

Deputies arrested Fisher’s uncle, Walter Morame, who lives in the home.

Morame is a convicted felon and therefore wasn’t allowed to own a gun.

He pleaded guilty to battery on a law enforcement officer in 2006.

Investigators have stressed the fact that Morame was not in the home during the shooting.

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