Gov. DeSantis allows eviction moratorium to expire, defers to federal eviction order

Gov. Ron DeSantis let the state executive order on mortgage foreclosures and eviction relief expire this week.

But that doesn’t mean people who can’t afford to pay rent because of the pandemic will be kicked out of their homes.

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The governor’s office said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently enacted a nationwide residential evictions order that will provide relief to residents. It goes until Dec. 31, unless it gets extended before then. Click here to read the evictions order.

In order to get help and qualify for the CDC order you must:

  • Earn less than $100,000 a year.
  • Prove that you tried to make rent payments.
  • Provide proof to your landlord that your income has been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

You will need to fill out a CDC document in order to get that protection, which then needs to be delivered to your landlord.

“You have to go to the CDC website, you have to print out the form, you have to sign it under penalty of perjury, and then you have to deliver it to your landlord,” local attorney Jeremy Hogan said. “And what I recommend my clients do is they either send it by certified mail, so they have proof that they gave it, or even take a picture of them putting it into the landlord’s mailbox, take a selfie of you doing it so that you have some proof that you did deliver it to your landlord.”

Another important thing to remember is every tenant has to fill out their own individual form. For example, if you have three people living in an apartment, you have to have three declarations.

If not, there is potential you could be evicted.

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Adam Poulisse,

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