Disbarred Winter Park attorney arrested on warrant after lawsuit

ORLANDO, Fla. — A disbarred attorney, whose clients have accused her of embezzling $1.5 million of their money, has been arrested after failing to come to a court hearing in a civil lawsuit against her.

Julie Kronhaus was arrested Tuesday after an Orange County judge ordered her arrest for not appearing at a May 18 hearing.

Two owners of a company that designs airplane interiors, Larry Heilbron and Terry Turner, have sued her, accusing her of keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars they owed to the Internal Revenue Service.




Several of Kronhaus' other former clients have also filed lawsuits against her, but she has never been charged. She was permanently disbarred last year by the Florida Supreme Court.

Kronhaus was being held without bond at the Seminole County Jail.

It is unclear whether she has an attorney.