• New Disney wristband acts as room key, park ticket and can be used for purchases


    ORLANDO, Fla. - By the end of the month Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests will have the option of wearing a wristband instead of using a key card.

    The new My Magic Plus band will contain a randomly assigned code that securely links to an encrypted database that helps make for a smoother park experience.

    The theme park is slowly transitioning to the wristbands instead of tickets. Disney officials said the new wristband is a game changer by using it and a Smart Phone.

    Users will be able to customize their entire trip, from attractions to ordering food, and getting in and out of the hotel.

    Guests likes Dana Moore and her family are now using the new wristband for everything from their room key to tickets and to making purchases at the park.

    "We can go anywhere we want, just click this and everything is all set," said Moore.

    Officials said they wanted to help make the Disney experience better.

    In advance, Disney said guests will also be able to schedule a fast pass for rides.

    "Over the last several months we have been rolling out my Magic Plus to our resort guest. Just a week ago we introduced the opportunity to engage to our annual pass holders and soon all the guest(s) will have the chance to engage in My Magic Plus," said senior vice president of Walt Disney World Park Jim Macphee.

    Disney said it is looking to expand the My Magic Plus further than central Florida.

    With the new technology comes questions about the safety of personal information.

    "My Magic Plus can be disabled easily from a mobile device and the website or from any of our guest relations locations," said Macphee.

    Officials said credit card information isn't stored on the wristband and if you use it to purchase things, you'll also need a pin number.

    They said the band won't be used to track movements around the park.

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    New Disney wristband acts as room key, park ticket and can be used for purchases