• Dream Tours Florida allegedly uses disabled tour guides to cut Disney ride wait times


    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - A local tourism company is coming under fire for allegedly using people with disabilities so tourists don't have to wait as long in line.

    Dream Tours Florida advertises a guide who "will provide significantly reduced wait times through the parks" and special entrance to Fast Pass lines.

    The New York Post reports rich parents are hiring disabled tour guides and families fully capable of sweating out the long lines jumping to the front by using a courtesy extended to kids with special needs.

    The New York Post quotes a mom who said, "My daughter waited one minute to get on It's A Small World, the other kids had to wait 2½ hours … This is how the 1 percent do Disney."

    Tourists along International Drive were simply stunned by the idea of families feeling so entitled they would pay a person with a disability so the entire group could get the advantages usually set aside for families and kids who truly need a little extra help.

    "That's not fair," said one tourist.

    "It doesn't teach your kids to treat disabled people with respect," said another.

    Channel 9 went to owner Ryan Clement's home in Celebration, and first were told he was home and then that he wasn't.

    Somebody was on the company's Facebook page, responding to a flood of harsh comments.

    One reads, "This article has no validity and is based on discrimination. We do many wonderful things for the special needs community."

    Disney World is not happy, either.

    "It is unacceptable to abuse accommodations that were designed for guests with disabilities," a Disney spokesperson said.


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