• Family excited to be reunited with Edgar the boxer


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County man who has been begging for the public's help to get his dog back was finally reunited with Edgar the boxer on Wednesday.

    Channel 9 broke the story on Monday after learning the lost dog had its microchip scanned at a local veterinarian clinic, but no one called the dog's owner.

    Owner David Harrigan told Channel 9's Karla Ray he received word late Tuesday night the dog and family would be reunited.

    Edgar, an 8-year-old boxer, ran away during New Year's Eve fireworks. Harrigan said someone found the dog and that it was dropped off at the vet under the name of the very rescue group who allowed him to adopt Edgar in the first place, Florida Boxer Rescue.

    "It's not just that they've known where he was, they've had him," said Harrigan. "They've had him the whole time. At least since Monday."

    Workers at Winter Springs Veterinary Clinic let the person who dropped Edgar off take the dog home, despite a microchip that correctly identified Harrigan as the dog's owner.

    But workers did not contact Harrigan to let him know if missing dog had been found.

    "We microchipped him for a reason -- we microchipped him so that if something like this happens and he gets scanned that they'll do the right thing and call me," said Harrigan.

    Ray was initially told that a stranger who reportedly found Edgar kept him after expressing concern that perhaps the dog wasn't being properly cared for.

    On Tuesday, Harrigan filed a police report, declaring his dog stolen. Soon after declaring the dog stolen, Harrigan was contacted by an attorney for Florida Boxer Rescue.

    Details to who actually found the dog remain unclear, but Edgar's microchip lists Florida Boxer Rescue as his co-owner. A representative from that group told Ray that they had been contacted by the person who currently has Edgar.

    The group told Channel 9 on Monday that a stranger who found the dog in traffic was holding onto him.

    On Tuesday, Ray called the group several times to ask about the dog's whereabouts, but her calls were not returned.

    Late Wednesday, the group released a statement admitting they've been in contact with the clinic holding the dog to get all the information.

    "They flat-out lied to me, multiple times," said Harrigan.

    Edgar has an ear infection and a hookworm, conditions his family said they'll pay to correct.

    "I'm thankful for (Channel 9) and everyone who repeatedly told these guys to do the right thing over and over and over again," said Harrigan.

    No one from the clinic would talk with Ray on Tuesday, but she learned that the owner of the clinic told Harrigan that office policies would change.

    In a Facebook message, the owner Carla Simms wrote, "I am sorry my employee did not contact you and I have put corrective actions in place so this never happens again."

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