• Estranged wife of popular disc jockey sues over on-air divorce antics


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Famed attorney Gloria Allred announced she is suing popular local radio host Russ Rollins over a video that went viral earlier this year.

    Rollins is in the middle of a messy divorce and part of it played out on the radio and online when he allegedly set it up to get served legal papers during his show, which his wife, Samantha Boomer, claims led to threats that made her afraid to leave home.

    Rollins' estranged wife and her attorney filed a defamation suit late Thursday in Orange County because of the fallout they said she's experiencing from on-air statements about their divorce.

    Raw: Radio show host Russ Rollins served divorce papers on-air (WARNING: Graphic language)

    Full Audio: Russ Rollins gets served on-air (WARNING: Graphic language)

    "I feared for the safety of myself and my children," Boomer said.

    Rollins arranged to be served for divorce while on the air, and his ex-wife's attorneys said that caused a huge backlash from the community.

    The 37-page lawsuit spells out some of the public comments made about Boomer on the show's social media sites.

    Allred said part of the reason for the suit is to get the truth out. Ironically, Rollins' attorney said truth is their defense.

    "There are several people that have strong feelings against her because they haven't been aware of what the truth really is," Allred said of her client.

    "I've seen some of the text messages and some of the things that back up what Russ was saying on the air," said Rollins' attorney, Jonathan Simon.

    Rollins' attorneys said Boomer can't prove damage but they fear their client's job could be on the line so they plan to counter-sue.

    "We have a real concern that iHeart Media, despite the success of the show, may take action that could cause Russ to lose his job or be moved to a less-favorable time slot," said attorney Jonathan Hanken.

    Rollins' attorney advised him to keep his divorce off the airwaves. Boomer's attorneys said the damage is already done.

    "When you have a microphone, everything you say is amplified," said Allred.

    Rollins' attorneys said everything could have been avoided because the couple already had a separation agreement in place, so there was no need for the papers to be served in the first place.

    The feuding couple's divorce is ongoing in Seminole County.

    Rollins' attorney said the defense for defamation is truth and he has text messages and proof to back up statements Rollins said on air.

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