Eustis residents voice concerns over medical marijuana nursery

Eustis residents living near a medical marijuana grower are upset that the facility is disrupting their peace and quiet.

EUSTIS, Fla. — Eustis residents living near a medical marijuana grower are upset that the facility is disrupting their peace and quiet.

Neighbors who live near County Road 44A in Eustis told Channel 9 that they've enjoyed the serenity of country living before a new company took over a medical marijuana nursery.

"It sounds like a jet that's flying a little lower than it should be," said resident Susan Mckinney.

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The facility's round the clock operations are beginning to drive the locals crazy.

"It's a constant roaring and it kind of like changes gears," said Mckinney.

The issue has been taken to Lake County leaders for resolution.

Residents said during a recent meeting that they've learned the company is working to take the operations inside the facility in hopes that it would decrease the amount of noise.

MedMen released a statement addressing the issue:

MedMen strives to be a responsible member of every community where we operate. We have been informed by neighbors of our Eustis cultivation facility that recent upgrades we made to our operations are creating a disruptive amount of noise.
We want to assure our neighbors we are working diligently to address the noise. The first thing we did was to install silencers on the dehumidifiers that were the main source of noise. We've also erected sound blocking walls. We are also looking into several other measures, including enclosing sources noise inside the building.
We expect the work to be completed by early June. We are also addressing light sources from the property to ensure they do not spill onto other properties or the street.
Over the long term, we will be building a new greenhouse more to the center of our 10 acre property, further way from the property lines. The new greenhouse will be built from the ground up utilizing the latest in greenhouse technology. All machinery in this building will be inside the building. There will be no dehumidifiers in the new greenhouse thanks to newer HVAC technology.
We believe the facility, which we expect to complete within 15 months to two years, will emit considerably less noise.
We are committed to being a valuable member of the Eustis facility, and will continue to work with residents and authorities to address any concerns.