• Family of woman shot, killed in Chinese restaurant robbery talks to WFTV


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The family of a woman who was killed inside an Orange County Chinese restaurant last week spoke about her death for the first time publicly on Friday.

    Investigators said 53-year-old Ying Jie Sun was shot and killed last week during an armed robbery inside the China Wok restaurant in Pine Hills where she worked.

    Investigators said the armed man, wearing a mask, demanded cash. But, investigators said there was a language barrier between the man and Sun.

    "She didn't understand what he was saying. He shot her in the head," said Jane Watrel of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

    Detectives said the gunman then pistol-whipped Sun's co-worker. Then, another employee opened the cash register and the robber fled with an unknown amount of money, investigators said. Investigators said Sun's first language was Mandarin Chinese.

    Sun's family wants justice. But so far, no arrests have yet been made.

    Sun's sister, Nancy Sun, calls her "Anna" and said a week and a half later as the community mourns, their mother in China still doesn't even know Anna is dead. The family is avoiding telling her mother out of fear the devastating news will kill her too.

    "I can't even tell my mom. I just can't. She doesn't know. She doesn't know. The problem is she's 80 years old. If she knows, if she hears that I know what will happen to her," said Nancy Sun.

    Nancy Sun talked to WFTV at the Orange County Sheriff's headquarters on Friday after a meeting with detectives.

    "She worked so hard for her whole life, making a tiny, little money to send money back to China. (She) didn't see her sons for 13 years. I don't get it," said Nancy Sun.

    Anna sent her money to her twin sons to put them through college and give them a better life. Both married this summer, but she couldn't afford to go to their weddings.

    Her plan was to work another two years in Florida and save enough to go back and be with her future grandchildren.

    Now her family is working on bringing her sons to Florida to see her one last time because they said they can't send her body back to China.

    Investigators said they are following some very strong leads, but have yet identified suspects or mad any arrests.

    Anna's sister is very touched over all the support and the flowers that people keep bringing to the restaurant.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477)

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    Family of woman shot, killed in Chinese restaurant robbery talks to WFTV