• FBI: Convicted felon, KKK member arrested after guns found in S. Daytona home


    SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. - FBI agents said they found nearly a dozen guns in the home of a South Daytona man who, they said, is a convicted felon and member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Investigators said Kevin Lynch greeted agents at his door with a gun in one hand and a beer in the other.

    Agents said Lynch dropped the gun when he realized the FBI was at his door.

    According to agents, an investigation into street gangs gave them information that Lynch had guns. They said Lynch is not involved in a gang.

    Agents said Lynch had close to a dozen pistols, shotguns and piles of ammunition at his home on James Street in South Daytona.

    WFTV reporter Blaine Tolison asked Lynch, "Why do you hate certain people?"

    Lynch replied, "I hate a lot of people."

    "Why? Why do you hate people?" Tolison asked.

    "Shut the door," said Lynch as he sat in a police cruiser.

    Lynch was wearing a “White Pride Ride” T-shirt at the time of his arrest.

    At his home, WFTV found a Confederate flag, propaganda covering a window and words of prejudice written on a wall.

    In his gun collection, agents said they found a KKK pamphlet, but Lynch’s neighbors claimed he was just eccentric.

    “He’s not a hateful person and he’s not, he doesn’t belong to any supremacist group,” said neighbor Maria Kwiatkowski.

    However, FBI agents said Lynch had been an open white supremacist for 10 to 12 years.

    According to his criminal history, Lynch has been arrested at least 17 times just in South Daytona.

    Because he is a convicted felon, he is not supposed to have guns, investigators said.

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    FBI: Convicted felon, KKK member arrested after guns found in S. Daytona home

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