Five new local Zika cases, infected area expands in Florida, Gov. Scott says

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — An investigation has confirmed five new cases of local transmissions of Zika are connected to the Miami Beach area.

The Florida Department of Health announced that on Friday that the virus occurred in the area of Miami Beach between 8th and 28th streets.

Further testing has cleared three blocks of the Northeastern area of Wynwood, where the Zika virus from local mosquitos was reported last month.

The total number of local transmissions of Zika in Florida is 36.

“Following today’s news, I am asking the CDC for an additional 5,000 Zika antibody test kits to ensure we can quickly test people for the virus, and additional lab support personnel to help us expedite Zika testing. Also, to continue protecting pregnant women, I am renewing my call to the Obama Administration for an additional 10,000 Zika prevention kits. Additionally, we still need a detailed plan on how they would like us to work with FEMA now that this has become mosquito-borne in our state,” Gov. Rick Scott said on Friday.

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