Florida doctor was member of national committee on COVID-19 vaccination plans

A Florida doctor was part of a prominent national committee that made recommendations to federal and world leaders on who should get a COVID-19 vaccine first.

Channel 9 spoke with the University of Florida physician about her expertise and how she was chosen to play a part in these big decisions.

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Day after day, good news is coming out of the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is 70% effective. Moderna’s vaccine is almost 95%, and Pfizer’s is also at 95%; and both are already seeking emergency FDA approval.

Health care workers and first responders will be among the first to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, possibly followed by people with existing health conditions. But who proposed this plan?


Dr. Sonja Rasmussen was part of a small committee formed by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“It was really an honor to be part of it,” said Rasmussen.

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She and 17 others worked to deliver direction on how the COVID-19 vaccines should be allocated.

Before joining University of Florida Health, Rasmussen spent two decades with the CDC and handled vaccine issues during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009.

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And all the committee members have different backgrounds. Some have studied racial disparities and tribal communities. Some work with older adults, while others some work with children.

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