Florida men accused of smearing feces in Crunch Fitness restroom, sauna

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Belle Isle police officers arrested two men after a Crunch Fitness employee complained someone was smearing feces in the men’s room.

An employee at the Crunch Fitness on Hoffner Avenue called police Monday afternoon complaining two people had spread feces in the bathroom. The employee said a similar incident had recently happened as well.

The officer who responded said he found 21-year-old Joshua McGrady and 18-year-old Nicholas Mentzer in the stalls. The employee said one of the men was spreading feces on the floor of the stall, and that the two men were passing something to each under the walls of the bathroom stall.


Both men denied smearing the feces, according to the arrest report.

The gym employee also told police that one week earlier, he was notified that someone urinated and defecated on the rocks of the sauna at the gym. Police checked the gym’s sign-in records and found McGrady and Mentzer got to the gym less than an hour before someone reported the incident, the arrest report said.

The gym told police McGrady and Mentzer did $601 worth of damage and cleaning.

McGrady and Mentzer were charged with criminal mischief. The two were released from the Orange County Jail early Tuesday morning.

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