Florida postal worker caught on camera dumping mail, charged in federal court

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A 28-year-old Fort Myers postal worker has been indicted on charges that she threw more than 400 pieces of mail into a dumpster to avoid having to deliver them.

The incident was caught by a security camera, officials said.

A restaurant owner in Fort Myers said he was working on the roof of his pizza place on Aug. 13, when he saw the mail carrier, later identified as Angelica M. Morman, unloading a bin full of flyers and personal letters into a dumpster.

A Realtor, whose flyers were among the mail trashed, said he doesn't think it's a one-off incident.

“Seeing the video footage, ya know, she rolled right in here like she owned the place. I doubt it’s the first time this happened," Warren Hudson said.

The case was investigated by the USPS Office of the Inspector General.

Morman was indicted on Sept. 6 and could face five years in federal prison if convicted, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a release.