Florida surpasses 1 million COVID-19 cases, another 82 virus-related deaths reported

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida health officials reported 8,847 new cases of COVID-19 as overall cases in the state surpass 1 million.

To date, there have been 1,008,166 cases of COVID-19 reported in the state. Florida marks the third state to surpass the 1-million-cases milestone, joining Texas and California.

There were another 82 deaths linked to the virus, according to the Florida Department of Health. Of the recent deaths, 16 were reported in Central Florida.

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The state’s death toll now stand at 18,916, according to the most recent report.

A list of COVID-19 testing sites in Orange County can be found here.

The first two cases were reported exactly nine months ago, on March 1. By April 1, there were just under 7,000 cases.

READ: Florida surpasses 1 million COVID-19 cases, another 82 virus-related deaths reported

Multiply that by five, and you have May 1′s total: Around 35,000.

June 1, there were about 57,000 cases, which more than doubled by July 1.

On Aug. 1, there were just over 480,000 people in Florida who tested positive for COVID-19. There was a slower rate of spread these past few months, but it’s increasing again.

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“It can’t entirely be explained by the fact that we’re a very populous state,” said Dr. Nicole Iovine with UF Health. “I think another big part of it is how compliant people are with wearing masks.”

She said nine months into the pandemic and there are still people who believe masks don’t work, which is “completely untrue.”

“Masks do work. That’s why we wear them in the hospital even before COVID,” Iovine said. “Would you want your surgeon to not have a mask on?”

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She said masks can’t hurt you by preventing the circulation of air, or by trapping carbon dioxide.

Iovine said she hopes surpassing the 1 million mark strikes a cord with people.

“People do die, and to the family of the family member who dies, that’s a big deal,” she said.

Doctors estimate about 10% of people who survive are COVID-19 long-haulers.

“Months out from their COVID diagnosis, and there are days they cannot get out of bed. That is profound,” Iovine said. “There are also people who survive COVID, but had been so sick with it, that their kidneys failed, for example, or they sustained permanent lung damage.”

Orange: CASES: 58,862 (+537) DEATHS: 646 (+1)

Osceola: CASES: 18,598 (+244) DEATHS: 245 (+2)

Seminole: CASES: 13,072 (+132) DEATHS: 276 (0)

Polk: CASES: 27,822 (+211) DEATHS: 688 (+10)

Volusia: CASES: 16,633 (+127) DEATHS: 370 (0)

Brevard: CASES: 15,744 (+188) DEATHS: 444 (0)

Flagler: CASES: 2,764 (+18) DEATHS: 42 (0)

Lake: CASES: 10,743 (+72) DEATHS: 255 (0)

Marion: CASES: 13,176 (+132) DEATHS: 379 (0)

Sumter: CASES: 3,503 (+36) DEATHS: 98 (+3)

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