• From the WFTV archive: Greg Warmoth & George H.W. Bush play ball


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - In November 1992, George H.W. Bush suffered a crushing defeat. He narrowly lost his presidential re-election bid to Democrat Bill Clinton.

    A few months later, the 41st president -- who was newly free of executive duties -- made a trip to Central Florida. He was close friends with the owner of the Houston Astros, and the team was in Kissimmee for spring training.

    Channel 9's Greg Warmoth, who was a sports reporter for WFTV at the time, covered the former president's visit.


    Warmoth remembers a man who was as personable as ever despite his painful political loss. Bush, an avid sports fan, seemed to be at home on the ballfield, Warmoth remembered.



    Months after his defeat in the 1992 Presidential Election, I spotted a helicopter landing at the @astrosbaseball complex in Kissimmee, it was President George H.W. Bush with his friend and Astros owner Drayton McClain. As a young sports reporter, I had the sense to humbly ask for an interview. 41 graciously agreed (under the watchful eye of the Secret Service) to talk the election and of course baseball. I recall it was a very chilly February day but the President wanted to enjoy one of his passions—baseball. As I reflect on today’s funeral service and his amazing life, I’m so glad I found this picture stored away. It will hang proudly in my office as a moment that is even more special now than then.

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    ARCHIVE VIDEO: Watch Greg Warmoth's 1993 report

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