• Full Responses from Keiser, Everest and other schools


    Keiser University:

    Keiser University is a private, not-for-profit, regionally accredited university with nearly 18,000 students pursuing doctoral through associate degrees in over 70 programs annually.  In our 36 years we have served over 100,000 students and while it is truly unfortunate that even two students are dissatisfied, this is an inaccurate representation of the quality of education Keiser University provides.  Although requested, Keiser University was not provided the names of the two specific students in this report and is unable to comment on their individual circumstances.  We have a thorough and effective due-process student grievance procedure to expedite and resolve concerns should an issue arise.  Student concerns that are brought to our attention are taken seriously and swiftly resolved. 

     Further, as anticipated after a two year inquiry, Keiser University recently reached a favorable resolution with the Office of the Florida Attorney General.  The resulting Assurance of Voluntary Compliance makes no finding that the university engaged in any wrongdoing or committed any violations of state regulations or laws, and Keiser University was confident of such a result throughout the process.  The university was not assessed any fines and will continue to work with the Attorney General in supporting transparency and accountability in higher education.

     We are pleased to have this inquiry resolved so we can continue our focus on educating and preparing students for their future careers.  In recognizing the current challenges of the economy on college graduates nationally, we are offering eligible students from 2008-2012 the ability to participate in a retraining program.  We know that a college degree can be a necessity for students to reach their career goals and achieve their future dreams.  We are proud of the quality education we provide students and our service to the state of Florida.   Again, we will continue this tradition just as we have for the past 36 years. - Kelli Lane, Keiser University


    Everest University:

    “The Florida attorney general is reviewing the practices of a number of schools in the state, including ours, but the attorney general’s review of Everest is ongoing and incomplete.  Neither the attorney general nor anyone else has made any allegations of wrongdoing against Everest or any of its schools. It would be factually incorrect to suggest that the attorney general’s office has accused Everest of violating any law or committing any act of misconduct."

    “Everest and its parent organization, Corinthian Colleges Inc., are working with the attorney general’s office to address any concerns they may have.  We believe strongly that Everest offers our students a quality education that leads to better careers and economic opportunity.” - Kent Jenkins, spokesperson, Corinthian Colleges


    Argosy University:

     “Education Management is fully cooperating with the Florida Attorney General’s civil investigation into eight educational companies in the state, including Argosy University. The Florida Attorney General has clearly stated that the decision to open a civil investigation should not be taken as an indication of wrongdoing.

     Furthermore, Education Management’s colleges and universities, including Argosy, adhere to our Code of Conduct, which guides all of our business practices, including admissions and marketing activities. The Code of Conduct makes it explicitly clear that we do not tolerate misleading current or prospective students, their parents, or anyone else with an interest in our programs. At the core of the Code is the principle that we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and are committed to providing quality education for our students. Our colleges and universities operate with transparency in meeting requirements and standards of all accrediting and regulatory partners. We fully support efforts to ensure accessibility, affordability, transparency, and accountability equally across all of higher education, and we aspire to the highest ethical standards. We are proud of our culture of providing the very best faculty and resources to students.”  - Jacquelyn P. Muller, Spokesperson


    Concord Career Colleges:

    “Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. has provided healthcare related career training to Florida residents since the mid 1970s.  Over a year ago we received a request for information from the Florida AG’s office.  We have cooperated fully with the AG and have provided them with all requested information.” - Harry Dotson, Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance


    Sanford-Brown Institute:

    Sanford-Brown Institute responded to a subpoena months ago and continues to work with the Florida Attorney General.   We have provided information and wish to resolve this inquiry as promptly as possible.  We remain committed to provide all our students a high-quality, career-focused education. - Mark Spencer, Director, Corporate Communications


    University of Phoenix:

    University of Phoenix will continue cooperating with the Attorney General and her staff and responding to their requests for information.” – Ryan Rauzon, Spokesperson, University of Phoenix

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