Gas pump skimmers are growing threat to drivers in Florida, officials warn

Video: Gas pump skimmers are growing threat to drivers in Florida, officials warn

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Florida Department of Agriculture is warning drivers about a growing risk at the gas pump.

Officials said they've recently uncovered more skimmers that could be used to steal your personal information.

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is warning about the risk of gas pump skimmer fraud during the busy travel season.

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Officials want drivers to be aware of the risks, especially since many tourists visit our area.

Fried spoke up about the need for more protection and consumer awareness when it comes to hitting the pumps, especially at gas stations close to theme parks.

She said since last year, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found 1,200 skimmers.

The department just finished a sweep and found 259 skimmers over the last month, 15 of them in Orlando.

Fried said part of tackling the issue is trying to create a task force to create more security because skimmers and hackers are getting more high-tech than ever.

Some thieves are wiring the skimmer and putting it in places where most won't be able to recognize them.

"These are normally Bluetooth,” Fried said. “So somebody could sit in the parking lot and get all the information as you put your card in and they're grabbing it and taking it and making them cards."

Fried said she wants to get this word out because she says the value of just one skimmer can be equivalent to $1 million in fraud.