• Gingrich meets with voters in Orlando


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - Despite trailing in the polls, GOP contender Newt Gingrich was in Orlando on Friday to focus on Florida.

    The latest Rasmussen poll puts Gingrich in a distant second place in Florida.

    Gingrich opened up his campaign headquarters in Orlando on Friday.

    Gingrich's campaign said it feels Florida, with its size and diversity, is a good gauge of how the rest of the country could go.

    Gingrich may trail in the polls, but he can still fill a room.

    "I know in some parts of the political process it's unusual to have a candidate who thinks on his own," said Gingrich.

    Florida could make or break his campaign.

    "When you tell the truth and you relax, and you're a solid conservative, we're going to have some fun and we're going to win Florida together," said Gingrich.

    During his speech, Gingrich did take issue with this 28-minute pseudo-documentary, which attacks Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital.

    Gingrich said also said when he wins the nomination he will make his acceptance speech in Tampa.

    The self-proclaimed southern, Reagan-style republican's supporters said they are happy to see the out-spoken candidate take on the president.

    "If I had anybody that I wanted on that stage debating Obama, it's certainly Gingrich," said supporter Mary Ann Russell.

    The real test comes down to who can take on Obama.

    The GOP said although they can't compete dollar-for-dollar, they can still deliver the knockout.

    Also on Friday, the former House speaker visited Versailles Restaurant in Miami's Little Havana on Friday morning. The restaurant is a popular meeting spot for older Cuban exiles and has been a traditional stopping point for candidates.

    On Thursday, Gingrich campaigned in South Carolina, where a primary election is scheduled for Jan. 21. Gingrich came in fourth in the Iowa caucus and in the New Hampshire primary.

    Florida's primary election takes place on Jan. 31.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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